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Cabinet discusses student loans and agriculture programs

Cabinet held its regular meeting on February 6, and resolved a number of issues. Undergraduate and graduate university students are now able to obtain tuition loans from the state without any collateral requirements.

Loans will be granted through the Education Loan Fund and students can repay the loan after they find employment after graduation or have another source of steady income.

The new National Program on Reducing Air and Environmental Pollution was approved during yesterday’s meeting. The program's measures include establishing an agency to combat air pollution; giving nature conservation officers the authority to monitor air pollution and report on it; and giving the governors of provinces and districts the responsibility of supporting constituents who are interested in carrying out green projects in the city.

Cabinet approved the Cashmere Program, a four-year industry development program expected to create more than 3,600 jobs and increase production and export by 5.7 times.

The cabinet's ministers also decided to issue a 50,000 to 60,000 MNT waiver per ton for wheat imports. The decision was made to support agriculturists who suffered huge wheat crop losses last autumn, and 14.9 billion MNT from the state budget will be allocated for the waiver.

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